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What can you find in this gift box? Traditional Czech crystal liquor glasses, a pack of Czech sweets Hašlerky and a nice bookmark with a motive from Alfons Mucha. Read more in the product description.

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Czech Liquor Glasses „Gina“ 60ml

Liquor glass Gina - Bohemia Crystal
Liquor glass Gina – Bohemia Crystal

These glasses can be found in many Czech households and its history goes back to the 1980s. They are produced in the quality of the Czech blown crystal glass, suitable mainly for all kinds of spirits and liquors. They can be washed in a dishwasher. The producer of these concrete glasses Gina is the company called „Crystalex-Bohemia Crystal“ (from Nový Bor, CZ).

Glassmaking has a rich history in the Czech land and its continuous development has been followed since the 14th century. However archeologists found also earlier signs of manufacturing glass. An abrupt boom of Czech glassmaking skills often gets connected with the time of the King Charles IV. when various artistic handicrafts flourished.



Liquorice and herbal Czech bonbons used among others to smooth sore throat and relax coughing. This candy is named after one famous Czech song writer from the beginning of the 20th century named Karel Hašler and hence the name „Hašlerky“. These bonbons were originally produced in Prague, but the production now moved to another factory of the brand owner in Holešov. Bonbons contain herbal extracts from plantain, lemon balm and aniseed.

Bookmark Alfons Mucha

Bookmark - Alfons Mucha - Art Nouveau
Bookmark – Alfons Mucha – Art Nouveau

This bookmark will remind you of the art of the Czech Art Nouveau painter and designer called Alfons Maria Mucha (1860-1939). His most famous period was the turn between 19th and 20th century when he was working in Paris. He created also lots in Bohemia and in Prague. Mucha’s top-notch piece is the cycle of 20 large paintings called „Slovanská epopej“.

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