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What can you find in this gift box? Czech Becherovka, Czech crystal glass, something sweet and a nice bookmark with a painting of Alfons Mucha. Read more in the product description below.

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Becherovka 0,05l Mini Bottle


Famous Czech herbal liquor has been produced in Karlovy Vary (also known as Carlsbad) since 1807 and contains 20 different herbs and spices mixed according to a secret recipe. Becherovka is served ice-cold and usually as an aperitif, digestiv or in a cocktail.

Becherovka – contents: water, alcohol, sugar, mixture of herbs and spices. Alcohol volume – 38 %

Czech glass nail file “Bohemia Crystal” (length 90mm, thickness 2mm)

Crystales Bohemia Crystal
Crystales Bohemia Crystal

Handmade Czech glass is famous all around the world. The glass nail file in this box (from the brand „Bohemia Crystal“) is produced from quality hardened Czech glass, its abrasive area is very effective and and it can keep in fine state for a very long time unless it falls down on a very hard surface. You can clean this file with hot water or even sterilise.

The first ever made glass nail file was produced by a Czech company, so it is a worldwide known Czech invention.

Bookmark Alfons Mucha

Bookmark - Alfons Mucha - Art Nouveau
Bookmark – Alfons Mucha – Art Nouveau

This bookmark will remind you of the art of the Czech Art Nouveau painter and designer called Alfons Maria Mucha (1860-1939). His most famous period was the turn between 19th and 20th century when he was working in Paris. He created also lots in Bohemia and in Prague. Mucha’s top-notch piece is the cycle of 20 large paintings called „Slovanská epopej“.

Ledové kaštany

Ledové kaštany
Ledové kaštany

Czech chocolate bar called „Ledové kaštany“ from the brand Orion has been produced since 1966 and tastes delicious ice-cold.

Ledové kaštany – allergens: soya, nuts, peanuts, milk, lactose

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