Czechies Fidorka box


What can you find in this box? Czech chocolate waffles Fidorka and Czech glass nail from crystal glass. See more in the product description.

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This round crunchy chocolate waffle has been produced in Czech lands (namely in the city of Opava) since almost one century and is available in five flavors. All of them can be tasted in this gift box. The name Fidorka is derived from the surname of the founder of the chocolate factory in Opava (K. M. B. Fiedor).

Red Fidorka – hasel-nut filling in dark chocolate
Green Fidorka – hasel-nut filling in milk chocolate
Gold Fidorka – chocolate filling covered in white chocolate
Blue Fidorka – coconut filling in milk chocolate
Brown Fidorka – dark chocolate filling

Czech glass nail file “Bohemia Crystal” (length 90mm, thickness 2mm)

Crystales Bohemia Crystal
Crystales Bohemia Crystal

Handmade Czech glass is famous all around the world. The glass nail file in this box (from the brand „Bohemia Crystal“) is produced from quality hardened Czech glass, its abrasive area is very effective and and it can keep in fine state for a very long time unless it falls down on a very hard surface. You can clean this file with hot water or even sterilise.

The first ever made glass nail file was produced by a Czech company, so it is a worldwide known Czech invention.


Fidorka – information about allergens: milk, soya, lactose, cereals containing gluten, eggs, nuts. Full contents to be found on the product itself.

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Dimensions9 × 9 × 6.5 cm