Czechies Funny Prague Box


What can you find in this box? A witty, frank and funny guide to the Czech nature, Prague graphic guide and the popular Becherovka with a Czech liquor glass. Read more in the product description below.

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Xenophobe´s® guide to the Czechs (a book in English)

Xenophobes's Guide to the Czechs
Xenophobes’s Guide to the Czechs

A Guide by By Petr Berka, Aleš Palán and Petr Št’astný

What makes the Czechs CZECH: A guide to understanding the Czechs that goes beyond the banal and provides an irreverent look at the foibles of the people and the nation. One of reviews published about this guide said: „To put it in a nutshell, I recommend reading this book to any newcomer in the Czech Republic or to those who have been there for a while.

Prague – Prague graphic art

Prague - Graphic Guide
Prague – Graphic Guide

Fourteen black and white graphics illustrated by Karel Stolař – fourteen views on popular places in Prague – in pocket size.

Pocket-size plan of Prague City center

 The map also indicates thirty most popular sights in Prague and has basic info about Prague public transport (map 1:10 000).

Becherovka 0,05l Mini Bottle


Famous Czech herbal liquor has been produced in Karlovy Vary (also known as Carlsbad) since 1807 and contains 20 different herbs and spices mixed according to a secret recipe. Becherovka is served ice-cold and usually as an aperitif, digestiv or in a cocktail.

Czech Liquor Glass Gina 60ml

Liquor Glass Gina - Bohemia Crystal
Liquor Glass Gina – Bohemia Crystal

This glass can be found in many Czech households and its history goes back to the 80s. It is produced in the quality of the Czech blown crystal glass, suitable mainly for all kinds of spirits and liquors. It can be washed in a dishwasher. The producer of this concrete glass Gina is the company called „Crystalex-Bohemia Crystal“ (from Nový Bor, CZ).

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