Czechies NetBag Box


What can you find in this gift box? Traditional Czech net bag and chocolate bar Deli. Read more in the product description below.

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Czech Net Bag (Česká síťovka)

Czech Netbag
Czech Netbag

In 1926 Vavřín Krčil (sales rep of the company called Jaro J. Rousek from the Czech town Ždár) started producing silk-textured net bags since hairnets, which his company had been selling so far, were no longer a sufficient business. By contrast sales of net bags were soon thriving thanks to their easy use, light weight and high resistence and these bags were later produced in various design editions. Vavřín Krčil has never patented his invention, presumably due to the lack of funding, and the idea was soon copied by other companies abroad. The company of Mr. Krčil was then expropriated after 1948. Net bags were used worldwide mainly in the 50s and 60s before being gradually replaced by plastic bags. Nowadays the traditional Czech net bag enjoys its comeback, which mainly hangs together with the increasing ecological awareness in the society. Moreover these bags look very stylish and awaken the right „vintage“ feeling in their owners.

You can find one practical, space-saving and flexible Czech net bag in this box. It can take up to 30 l and 28 kg. Plus you can roll it up as a little ball and it will not get mixed up in other things in your bags or back-packs.

Chocolate bar „Deli“


The candy bar Deli appeared on the Czechoslovak market in 1980 and stayed popular until today. It has been produced in six flavors and you can taste one of them in this gift box. Its packaging is today also similar to the original one.

Deli – allergens: milk, soya, egg whites, traces of nuts and peanuts

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