Czechies Savoury Gingerbread Box


What can you find in this box? A tasting of the typical Czech gingerbread from Pardubice, a pack of fresh gingerbread spices and along with it a recipe for tasty Czech honey gingerbreads. Read more in the description below.

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Czech Gingerbread from Pardubice („Pardubický perník“)

Pardubice's gingerbread
Pardubice’s gingerbread

The beginnings of production of the gingerbread from Pardubice have been traced up until the 16th century. Today is the gingerbread from Pardubice and surroundings connected with a unique recipe and decoration styles. This type of gingerbread is produced by only a few local companies, e.g. by the firm “Novotný”; creator of gingerbreads in this giftbox.

  Gingerbread Spices „Od Antonína“

Gingerbreads of various kinds are baked a lot all around the Czech Republic during Christmas, Easter or just to have a sweet tooth. And what do you need to prepare it? You need a good and strong mix of gingerbread spices, which is prepared e.g. by this company. Their spices can be even ordered online at

 Czech Honey Gingerbread  – Recipe

Czech Gingerbreads
Czech Gingerbreads

Ingredients for gingerbreads:

650 g flour (smooth Bohemian flour), 100 g liquid honey, 200 g sugar, 100 g butter, 4 yolks, 2 spoons of gingerbread spices perníkového koření (you’ll find a delicious mix in this gift box), 4 spoons of milk, 2 spoons of baking soda, a spoon of cocoa.

For the Glazing:

Powdered sugar (the amount depends, the glazing should not be too liquid nor too thick), 1 egg white, 1 spoon of starch, few drops of lemon juice.

  1. Mix eggs, sugar, honey, butter, spices and soda in a bowl and stir well. We gradually put flour into this mix (it is also possible you will not use up the whole portion). The dough needs to be worked through until it glistens.
  2. The dough needs to be let rest in a cold place. Then we roll it out and cut out various shapes. We bake approximately 10 minutes in a very hot oven. After taken out from the oven, we immediately spread out creamed egg over hot gingerbreads.
  3. GLAZING: Powdered sugar (sift through) is mixed with the egg white, a spoon of starch a few drops of lemon juice until it thickens. The amount of sugar is estimated depending on the consistency of the glazing.

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