Czechies Sweet Experience Box (with book in English)


What can you find in this gift box? Becherovka, Czech crystal glass, a book about Czech cuisine, some popular Czech sweets and a Czech film. More in the product description.

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Becherovka 0,05l Mini Bottle


Famous Czech herbal liquor has been produced in Karlovy Vary (also known as Carlsbad) since 1807 and contains 20 different herbs and spices mixed according to a secret recipe. Becherovka is served ice-cold and usually as an aperitif, digestiv or in a cocktail.

Czech Liquor Glass „Gina“ 60ml

Liquor Glass Gina - Bohemia Crystal
Liquor Glass Gina – Bohemia Crystal

This glass can be found in many Czech households and its history goes back to the 80s. It is produced in the quality of the Czech blown crystal glass, suitable mainly for all kinds of spirits and liquors. It can be washed in a dishwasher. The producer of this concrete glass Gina is the company called „Crystalex-Bohemia Crystal“ (from Nový Bor, CZ).

Glassmaking has a rich history in the Czech land and its continuous development has been followed since the 14th century. However archeologists found also earlier signs of manufacturing glass. An abrupt boom of Czech glassmaking skills often gets connected with the time of the King Charles IV. when various artistic handicrafts flourished.

Kolja (a Czech film on DVD, with subtitles in English)

Kolja DVD
Kolja DVD

Kolja is a good-hearted melodramatic comedy and it won the Oscar for the best foreign language film in 1997.

The story brings together an older bachelor and concert cellist named František and a small Russian boy named „Kolja“, and goes on in the former Czechoslovakia before the velvet revolution in 1989.

Czech Cuisine (a book)

Czech Cuisine
Czech Cuisine

Recipes, history and specifics of the Czech cuisine including details about Czech beers and wines.

Studentská pečeť Chocolate (The name means “Student´s stamp”)

Studentská pečeť
Studentská pečeť

This well-known chocolate from the Czech brand Orion belongs to the most favorite chocolate sweets on the Czech market. It has recently celebrated 40 years of existence (since 1975). This chocolate is produced in the city called Olomouc and its traditional ingredients are quality dark or milk chocolate, peanuts, raisins and little fruity jellies. There are also different tastes and limited editions from time to time.

Hořické trubičky

Dobré Hořické trubičky
Dobré Hořické trubičky

“Hořické trubičky” means little sweet tubes from Hořice (a small town at the foot of the Czech mountain range “Krkonoše”). These are thin tender waffles rolled by hand to a little tube and filled by special fillings (usually with cocoa flavor). Genuine waffles from Hořice can be produced only in Hořice and its surroundings; the product’s name is protected by a regional label granted by the EU. The original recipe supposedly developed from an influence of a French chef who served by the emperor Napoleon and stopped by in Hořice while returning from Napoleon’s crusade to Russia. Locals took the recipe over and improved it in the course of time. Hořické trubičky have been produced since start of the 19th century.

Trojhránky Kolonáda

Kolonáda Triangles
Kolonáda Triangles

Cocoa triangular waffles (trojhránky) are together with round spa waffles a very popular product of the brand named Kolonáda from the Czech spa town Mariánské Lázně. Trojhránky is created from five layers of spa waffels and connected by cocoa filling. Its production started in 1958.

Pardubický perník

Gingerbread from Pardubice
Gingerbread from Pardubice

The beginnings of production of the gingerbread from Pardubice have been traced up until the 16th century. Today is the gingerbread from Pardubice and surroundings connected with a unique recipe and decoration styles. This type of gingerbread is produced by only a few local companies, e.g. by the firm “Novotný”; creator of the gingerbread in this giftbox.

Notes – allergens:

Becherovka – contents: water, alcohol, sugar, mixture of herbs and spices. Alcohol volume – 38 %

Studenstká pečeť – allergens: milk, lactose, whey, nuts and peanuts.

Hořické trubičky – allergens: milk, soya, lactose, cereals containing gluten, eggs, traces of nuts, almonds and peanuts

Trojhránky – allergens: milk, soya, lactose, cereals containing gluten, eggs, nuts.

Perník – allergens: wheat flour, eggs

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